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About us

Czech-british non-profit organisation was founded 9 October 2007. Prior to this, the founding members gained experience over many years in the social and educational sectors, and participated on a long-term basis in co-operating and furthering contacts with non-profit organizations in Great Britain. Starting up this organization became a logical conclusion to these efforts and one of the main pillars our activities became the transfer of good practice experience from abroad and applying it here, in the somewhat different conditions of the Czech Republic. One of the founders became Sheila Bamford who has worked in the British non-profit sector for over thirty years particularly in the areas of social care and management within the non-profit sector. Honourable Chairman of our organization became John Grogan, English M.P. who has held the Selby seat for twelve years and who devotes himself to the social sector and is the Deputy Chairman of the British-Czech Inter-Parliamentary group which supports mutual links and co-operation between organizations and people in both countries.